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Using Ultrasonic Level Sensors within a Lift Station


Most if not all municipal wastewater systems have lift stations. An urban center must have a lift station as it relates to water. In that respect, they should be frequently maintained to ensure smooth operations. Lift operators performing poorly can be disastrous, particularly in the event of an overflow. Apart from the unsanitary conditions derived from an overflow, environmental regulatory bodies may impose a hefty punitive fine. It is therefore important to monitor the stations’ water levels. Level sensors can automatically switch off the pumps while raising the alarm. Several instruments can be adopted when monitoring lift stations. The ultrasonic level sensor does not get into contact with the liquid easing its maintenance requirement. Alternatively, when compared to other non-contact level market sensors, the installation has been simplified greatly. Just like any other sensing technology, there are various conditions to look out for as you to ensure the sensors function optimally. Here are guidelines n using ultrasonic level sensors when in a lift station.



Good Sensing Range

This applies to all models of ultrasonic sensor applications. The different sensor models have their unique sensor models. The catch here is to opt for a sensor model with twice the sensing range as the target distance. For instance, if the lift stations bottoms at 25 feet, opt for a sensor that runs till 50 feet. This is important to offset the possibility of a return echo. The larger the ultrasonic range, the greater the transducer. The larger the transducer, more energy is emitted. A strong return signal is important as lift stations comprise of surface turbulence, foam, among other conditions.


Foam Situation

When in low quantities, foam poses no threat. However, if the station experiences several inches of a thick foam layer, it is inadvisable to employ an ultrasonic sensor. This is due to their reliance on sound waves bouncing off their targets. Sound echo well on smooth targets. Unfortunately, the foam is neither hard nor smooth. The foam will absorb the sound wave rather than reflect. In applications ridden with foam, ultrasonic sensors will give erratic readings.


Obstructions such as Piping

Pipes and metallic fixtures are examples of hard targets within the lift station. If detected by the sensors, this can result in false readings. To avoid such distortions, give your sensors a clear line of sight straight down to the water level. Remember, sound waves spread out and travel opposite to your sensor face.


Use a Stilling Well

Among the expected surface turbulence in water stations is the wave action from the movement of water. Surface turbulence is hardly a problem if you are using ultrasonic sensors. Install a stilling well if the surface turbulence still exists.



A Backup Plan

You must have some backup system that raises the alarm when using a primary level sensor. As with most lift stations, the ultrasonic sensors are highly recommended. It is not surprising for some operators t install two continuous level sensors accompanied by high point level switches.


Beginner’s Guide to Learning Soccer Using an App


Most people love soccer and would like to know one or two things about the sport. Most adults who did not get a chance to play soccer in high school or college will take longer to learn. Hiring a coach whether individually or as an estate team is too costly. However, the technology has brought light for all who want to get tutorials on how to play football.

All you need is the best soccer coaching app to teach you how to play the game. There are those for starters and others for seasoned players. If you are just at the start of learning more about soccer, then this guide is for you.

Look for a Reliable App

soccer trainingAs more innovators develop apps, we can pick certain differences in their products. In the case of soccer, some apps will be more reliable than others. As a beginner, all you need is a soccer app with features that suit you. Ensure that it has a starters package to teach you the basics of soccer and safety rules to avoid injuries.

Also, you need one that will be compatible with the device you will be carrying around. With a little bit of thorough research, you are likely to get a recommendation from the social platforms and other review websites. Go for the app that is considered as helpful by many fans out there.

Create Time to Go Through the App

Before you even start the practical part, it is crucial that you go through your new soccer app to acquaint yourself with it. Most people who rush into using such an app without going through it would miss a lot of important information.

The basic guidelines of soccer do not need you to be in the field; they can be done at home. According to seasoned soccer coaches, a reliable app divides the training into phases so that users can plan before they begin.

Gather the Recommended Gear

When going to the soccer pitch, you need to be in the right gear. The app will tell you the best soccer boots to wear and the clothes as well. Apart from motivating you, it will also help you learn fast. Soccer boots have studs for better grip as you run in the fields and control the balls as required by your new trainer.

Create Enough Time for Practice

soccer gearA good soccer app assumes that the users have never interacted with a soccer ball and takes them through a process of learning from the start. The lessons will have recommended time which users need to obey. The good thing is that app developers collaborate with experienced coaches to make a reputable soccer app with practically possible lessons.

With determination and consistency, learning soccer through an app is not only fun but easy. Even the seasoned footballers still check their app to learn one or two techniques that help them improve their overall performance.


Most of the reliable apps have other helpful features to track the progress for the beginners. Ensure that you can use these to your advantage to learn within the recommended time by the app developers.


Every Gamers guide to buying a gaming chair


Ask any serious gamer you see around and they will tell you how important is the chair you sit on while you play. Just by virtue of your posture, you could miss that acute curve and lose the game. That is why choosing the best gaming chair should be your first priority.

However, the easier part is knowing the kind of chair you need but finding it could be the hardest part. With so many options out there, you will be left wondering on what choice to make. But lucky for you, this post is all you need to arrive at the best decision for a gaming chair.

Start by deciding on your budget

The first step to finding the kind of chair you need is deciding on how much you can afford. In the market, there is a range of options from cheap to expensive ones. It is important you know how much you can comfortably afford without offsetting your other expenditures.

It is not all about spending so much on your chair that you will be assured of the best quality. You can spend moderately and still get a chair that you deserve. However, cheap offers may not necessarily be in your good interest.

Your posture is crucial

2You can sit all day playing and feel no pain at all. But that assurance can only come from a chair that takes care of your posture. Sitting with your back straight will prevent any resulting pain. The kind of chair you choose should provide a comfortable arch for your back. As long as the posture is right, you can be assured of playing the entire day and have no complain for back or any other muscle.

Who are you buying the chair for?

Is this chair for you or a friend? Or may be for your child? This is a decision you should make before you start the search. For an adult, the chair should be wide and having the right height. A child will need a relatively smaller chair. It is important that the person you are buying the chair for be present so as to physically fit in before you can say it is the best one.

Is it for console or PC gaming?

PC games are best played with an office chair. It has a straight perching arc that will firmly support you to concentrate. For console gaming, a rocker or bean bag will be a great choice. You can play as well as keep your eyes on the TV.

How long do you play in a day?

3The amount of time you spend playing would contribute to the kind of chair you will need for gaming. If you do not play that much, then a simple and cheap chair will make do. If you play for as many as 8 hours a day, you need a serious investment in a gaming chair. It should give you a comfortable perch for your back and prevent any kind of pain associated with sitting for long.


Qualities Of A Good Car Park Line Marking Company

efrdsdfsCar park line marking company does the functions of marking. If you have used a car park whether, at a local shopping center or your place of work, you are aware of the stress and the ability of an accident occurring when you are squeezing to get a space to park your car. When somebody has packed his car next to yours, and someone is trying to squeeze out for space, he is likely to knock your vehicle, and if the driver is not observant, someone might bump into your car or someone else’s.

A good car park line marking company like apex line marking is important because it will help to mark your parking lot for your cars and make it easier for you to pack and avoid a lot of problems in most cases. This place should be wide enough to accommodate all vehicles. If the place is too enclosed, it is likely to pose a risk to human life and might damage property, not only the vehicles but also can destroy the property near your business center.

The qualities of a good car park line marking company

Should be licensed

A good company must have a license. This means that the company has legal permission to be doing those services within their locality and in your state. In the case of any problems, they can be held liable for them. When you hire a car park line marking company, you must ensure that it is licensed. If you found it online, ensure that their license is included in their information but if it is not included, ensure that they present it to you when you are asking for their services. This will help you to know that they are recognized by the law.

Must have professionals

One of the qualities of a good car park line marking company is that it must have professionals. It must have a well-trained personnel. Workers who are well-trained offer the best services that you can always think of. This will give them a good reputation in your city, and it will not be hard for you to identify them. In fact, you will be referred to them easily. A good car park line marking company is reliable, and you can be assured of the best, and they won’t disappoint you.werfgdfsdd

Experience and credibility

A good company must have worked for some years. They must have been in the market for quite a long time. This also makes the company reliable. A company that has been in the market for a while has experienced and well-qualified members who can give you the best advice and are aware of the latest tools in the market. They are likely to give you up to date services, and you can be sure to be free from accidents and destruction of property. A good company is credible because it can be trusted and it offers safe services to both pedestrians and the other car owners.


Why Industrial And Military Computers Durable


Ever wondered why military and industrial computers are so durable? Is it simply a coincidence that the computer you found when you got your first job in a company ten years ago is still in use while you have had to replace your own PC three times? Well, this has more to do with the design than it has to do with sheer luck. Let us look at some of the reasons why these computers continue to stand the test of time.

Why these computers continue to stand the test of time

Diskless Operating Systems

As opposed to ordinary computers that use disks in their operating systems, most ldsknvlksanklvnlsakdnvlksnadlkvnsalkdnvlkasndvlkasndvasdvcomputers used in the military and industrial centers operate without such disks. The disks are replaced with network booting that loads the OS from a server. Now, we are all familiar with the recurrent disk errors in our systems and not only that; these errors are often difficult to eliminate as they may require a scan of the entire system. In the case of network booting, however, the errors are minimal since the OS is more software-driven as opposed to being driven by hardware. Hence such errors, even when they occur are easier to correct.

Resistive Touchscreen Capabilities

Resistive touch screen is an inseparable part of industrial and military computers. What these screens do is eliminate the mouse as well as the keyboard. The screen, therefore acts as both the mouse and the keyboard, with the effect that fewer components are required to make up a functional computer unit.

The fewer the components, the better since technically speaking, a possible damage in the mouse and the keyboard is now fully covered in a single part which is the screen.

Solid State Hard Drives

Solid State Drives, also simply referred to as SSDs, are the better alternative to the commonly used standard hard drives. One advantage with these drives is that they do not use the rotating disks that are used by hard drives that are normally constrained when it comes to data processing speed.

Instead, SSDs employ high-speed circuits that make use of memory chips such as flash drives for inputting and displaying data, thereby making industrial and military computers more efficient and durable.

Stainless Steel Chassis

A computer chassis is that part that encloses the entire unit aside from the display. It is also referred to as a case, cabinet, base unit or a tower. It is observed that most computers used in industrial and military centers are made of stainless steel chassis.

The importance of stainless steel cases as far as durability is concerned cannot be overemphasized. Head over to Chassis Plans for a comprehensive look and spectacular deals. Considered one of the most durable metals, it is clear to see why such computers continue to stand the test of time as well as endure the fury of the various environmental conditions they are normally exposed to.

Sunlight Readable Displays

To understand the simplicity of sunlight-readable displays, one needs to understand the mechanism and concepts of solar-powered units. One thing that makes sunlight-readable displays a preference of industrial and military computers is that they go a long way in saving the internal energy generated and utilized by the computer unit, thereby diverting this energy to other areas for maximum efficiency.

Minimal Moving Parts

sjdlvnlsdjvbasdbvnsakdvasndlvnlaskdnvlksnlknsakldvnsadvsadLast but not least, computers used in the military, as well as the industrial centers, have minimal moving parts. We already mentioned that for starters, they have their mouse and keyboards replaced with resistive touchscreen capabilities.

Additionally, they are often mounted in stationary walls or work stations which make them well-cushioned against any damages that may occur as they are moved around.